How to become a member

The Confederation is composed of two categories of members :

  1. Full-fledged members
  2. Associated members

All the members of the Confederation must have a legal constitution/statues recognised in their own country. Admission of new members is subject to the following conditions :

Full-fledged members

Any national non-profit association of families of brain injured people in Europe may be admitted to the Confederation as a full-fledged member with voting rights (one country one vote), providing it has fully paid its fees. Every national member association must adhere to the Constitution of the Confederation and its accompanying regulations.

Associated members

All other associations working in Europe for the well-being of brain injured people and their families and whom would like to be an associated member of the Confederation can present their request for admission. They will not have the right to vote, but will be able to speak before the Assembly with the consent of the President.

Requests for admission from members of either category must be addressed to the Administrative Council in accordance with a procedure determined by the Council. If you wish your association to become a member of BIF, please contact Secretary General

Dr. Nikolaus Steinhoff

phone +43 664 420 5214